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So, you fancy a career in dry stone walling?

Its the best working lifestyle you can have! Keep fit, well tanned, time to contemplate and a brain teasing conundrum to solve, all while you are enjoying it.....  It sounds lovely, you often hear people say, I bet it's therapeutic, or I would like to work outside enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birds like you, but....... While these thoughts and many more are positives for a career in walling, before you rush in, there are some downsides to consider.  The weather for one is not always sunny and warm. We have had some very cold and snowy weeks this winter. Sometimes it is simply not possible to work in these conditions, stone can be frozen to the ground or snow will be all over the whole working area. You may have to cover all your stone! Once conditions improve you will find you just have to get on with it cold fingers and feet come with this territory. Although there are three dry days a week on average during the year in the UK that means you may face a few wet workin…

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